Four Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Your child with a summer birthday misses out on bringing cupcakes to school for their birthday, but they certainly make up for that with these stellar themes for a kid's summer birthday party. This list has got you covered with ideas for food, decorations and games. 1. Bubble Party A bubble extravaganza is a can't-lose theme for children of preschool and kindergarten age. Just supply lots of bubble-making toys and bubble-making solution.

Two Smart Ways To Get People To Buy Your Jewelry

If you have just started selling your jewelry online through a craft site or a personal site and are unfamiliar with internet sales, you might post your listings and wait for the orders to pour in. However, if you really want to start building your jewelry business, you need to take some action to attract the customers you need. Here are two smart ways to encourage people to buy your pieces.

Activities That Will Promote Employee Camaraderie At A Company Picnic

If you are hosting a company picnic for your employees and many of them work in different departments and haven't had time to interact with each other, offer the following activities for them to participate in to help break the ice. As a result, the attendees may be inclined to to let loose and be themselves while thoroughly enjoying the event.  Talent Show Place rows of seats in front of a makeshift stage.

Four Unexpected Products You Can Find at a Party Supply Store

If you need to plan a party or find a special item for a holiday event, don't just go to a superstore to find what you need. Most of the time, consumers only look in the most obvious of places for things like streamers or candles for a cake without realizing that they can find unique products elsewhere. The next time you have an event to plan, take some time to really look around in a party supply store.

Very Important Points That Round Poker Table Shoppers Need To Keep In Mind

Are you planning to buy a round poker table? If so, there are a few points that you can use to ensure that you get a buying experience you are happy with as well as a table that can bring you years of enjoyment.  Functionality One reason that some people choose round poker tables is because they can fit them into smaller spaces. Round poker tables that have dual functionality can help you if you have space concerns.