Fun Birthday Ideas That Can Be Reworked For Your Adult Party

If you are getting ready to host an adult party, try reworking some of your favorite elements from a typical birthday party. Some of your favorite features from childhood birthday parties can be adapted to a more mature group, providing the same whimsy and fun that you remember. Some ways to host a fun and festive adult birthday party include attention to the following elements:

The theme.

A great party needs a theme, and you can find some adult-oriented decorations and accents at most party stores or online sites. Choose a TV show, color combination, or event that the guest of honor will appreciate, and go from there. The options really are endless, and the theme doesn't have to be childish to be festive or fun.

Some games.

What is a birthday party without games? A piñata is an excellent way to turn a childhood activity into a cool adult game for a birthday party; buy or make a simple piñata. Fill with candy, airline nips (plastic only, not glass), or other trinkets that seem fitting for your crowd.

The cake.

The cake is typically the centerpiece for any birthday party, but who likes to deal with the mess? Instead, opt for cupcakes in a couple different flavors for your guests. This will make eating and cleaning up far easier, and it won't require dishes or plates to serve.

Signature drinks.

Create a signature cocktail for your adult birthday bash; choose something that is fruity and fun, garnished with candies or colored-sugar rims. Offer a non-alcoholic version of the same drink for those guests and friends that don't imbibe. Create a sign with a description of the cocktail near the bar-area so that your guests will know what they are drinking.

The favors.

No need to send your guests home empty-handed; create some stylish and sophisticated party favors and goodie bags to show appreciation for their attendance. Buy some stylish foil or cool clear crystalline bags to tuck a few treats in that you give to guests as they leave your event. Some great items to tuck inside include:

  • Novelty pens.
  • Funny magic tricks.
  • Whimsical guest soaps.
  • Chocolate truffles.
  • Funny sunglasses.

Some entertainment.

Check out the available talent in your area to find some entertainment for your party that the adults will appreciate. Maybe a musician is what you want, or you might want to find an adult-comic. Go with something a little bit naughty, but not offensive.

Adult birthday parties need not be boring or too stuffy; consider adding a bit of childhood whimsy with these festive ideas. Talk with party supply vendors and retailers to find the right decorations and goods to pull-off a birthday party that is fresh, fun, and perfectly age-appropriate!