Very Important Points That Round Poker Table Shoppers Need To Keep In Mind

Are you planning to buy a round poker table? If so, there are a few points that you can use to ensure that you get a buying experience you are happy with as well as a table that can bring you years of enjoyment. 


One reason that some people choose round poker tables is because they can fit them into smaller spaces. Round poker tables that have dual functionality can help you if you have space concerns. For example, you could choose a table with a removable cover, which converts from a round dining table surface to a round poker table.

Even if you do not choose a dual functioning table, consider how you and others will use the table and whether or not drinks and food will be involved. If so, choosing a table with a cup holder design is ideal.

Colors and Customization

You will likely have several options when it comes to choosing the color of felt for your poker table. If desire a signature look, consider getting the felt area customized. This would involve adding a logo or something else of your choice. For example, an alternate logo design could be your last name imprinted on the area. 

You can also use customization to your advantage if you prefer to have your table built with specific materials. For example, you might want to incorporate granite or leather into the design around the edges of the table. 

Shipping and Delivery

Poker tables may be light or heavy in weight depending upon the materials chosen. This does not mean that you will have to pay exorbitant shipping and delivery fees if you opt for a table that is constructed of solid materials. You also do not have to limit yourself to only shopping with local vendors due to shipping and delivery cost concerns. Some online dealers may offer free shipping and deliveries for orders that meet certain criteria such as meeting a certain purchasing amount or free shipping on domestic orders. You may also be able to get affordable shipping by choosing a seller that offers flat rate shipping, which will ensure you know in advance what you will be paying. 

Used vs. New

If you decide to purchase a used round poker table, ensure that you buy from a reputable retailer. This is because a retailer will likely recondition the table prior to selling it, whereas a consumer selling a used table may not. The reconditioning process will get the table in "like new" condition.

Be wary of relying on photos of used poker tables to make your purchasing decision. This is because the photographs may not capture superficial blemishes or serious issues such as a leaning or unsteady table. If you desire a poker table that is immaculate and has a buyer guarantee, a new one might be the best option. 

A professional company that sells poker tables is your best resource for determining the exact poker table that fits your budget and cosmetic preferences. They can offer insight on designing the ultimate custom-made poker table or help you locate pre-manufactured options that are as close as possible to what you desire. 

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