Four Unexpected Products You Can Find at a Party Supply Store

If you need to plan a party or find a special item for a holiday event, don't just go to a superstore to find what you need. Most of the time, consumers only look in the most obvious of places for things like streamers or candles for a cake without realizing that they can find unique products elsewhere. The next time you have an event to plan, take some time to really look around in a party supply store. You might be surprised to see some of the following items there.


Besides the "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" buttons and the Santa or elf hat you want, many party stores sell dozens of costumes. Most people do not think to look at a party supply store for costumes since such stores are more often associated with birthday party or shower supplies. Additionally, some party supply stores carry the more unusual and hard-to-find costumes that big box retailers skip carrying.

Professional Servingware

You know those big, covered, metal serving trays that keep food hot and only require chef's bunsen burners underneath? They are called chafing dishes, and many party supply stores carry them. They also have numerous professional cake pans, cookie sheets, bakery and pastry serving items, and even cake decorating items. If it is even closely related to a party, you can probably find it at a specialty store such as this.

Supplies for Obscure or Less Common Celebrations 

Need or want items to decorate and celebrate events like Cat in the Hat Day, a quincinera, or a bat/bar mitzvah? Some party stores carry decorations and supplies for the more obscure celebrations or parties that do not often have enough of a following or meaning for big box stores to carry supplies. (In larger cities where there is a higher concentration of Hispanic or Jewish Americans, there may be more boutiques that provide these items, but in smaller cities and towns, you may have to rely on your party stores to have some of the things you need.)

Singing Telegram Services

Some very unique party supply stores also offer singing telegram services, equipped with a costumed, professional singer and a big, fistful of balloons. If you do not have any other entertainment businesses in your area and you would like to send a friend, coworker, or significant other a singing telegram, you might try looking for one at a party store. The singing telegram performers range from the corny (gorilla suit) to the risqué (use your imagination).

To get started on your search for unique event items, try a store like Life O' The Party.