Activities That Will Promote Employee Camaraderie At A Company Picnic

If you are hosting a company picnic for your employees and many of them work in different departments and haven't had time to interact with each other, offer the following activities for them to participate in to help break the ice. As a result, the attendees may be inclined to to let loose and be themselves while thoroughly enjoying the event. 

Talent Show

Place rows of seats in front of a makeshift stage. An old piece of plywood set up on large cinder blocks or wooden pallets will work well. Invite employees to participate in a talent show, but do not pressure anyone to enter if they are not interested. Instead, allow them to take part in the voting process. Provide props, such as costume clothing or background music for each person to use during their performance, if necessary.

Divide participants into two groups. Have each team go head to head throughout the event, placing one of their competitors against another one from the opposing team. Cheer participants on throughout the event and persuade those who are watching to join in. Once a decision has been made for each round and all of the scores have been totaled, award the winning team with a pizza party during lunchtime at work or gift certificates to a theater show or fine restaurant. 

Board Game Competition

Arrange a couple long tables next to the area where food will be served and set up some board games along the length of each one. Encourage your employees to challenge each other to some friendly competition by going head to head with another person. Give everyone the opportunity to play as many games as they would like.

Keep track of how many wins each person has received and honor the grand winner with a small plaque that has their name engraved in it or a trophy that was purchased from a novelty store. While people are competing against each other, they may be inclined to speak to opponents as they are taking turns. This will help open up the lines of communication and make participants at ease.

Scavenger Hunt

Select a theme, such as holidays or cartoon characters, and gather up items that relate to it. If you choose holidays, a tabletop Christmas tree, ornaments, or a candy cane will be suitable objects to bring to the picnic. If you select cartoon characters, posters or stickers with character pictures on them will work well. Hide the items around the area where the picnic will be held and create two lists that describe what was hidden.

Break your employees into two groups and have them compete against each other, attempting to find as many items as possible in a shorter amount of time. Prepare some inexpensive prizes beforehand and award them to the winning team after the hunt is over. While the hunt is going on, people will be working together to comb the area and will be likely to congratulate other team members as items are found.

Once your employees have participated in the festivities at the company picnic that you have arranged for them, they may find that they had a great experience and look forward to spending time with their co-workers at future events. Click here to learn more about team building games.