Two Smart Ways To Get People To Buy Your Jewelry

If you have just started selling your jewelry online through a craft site or a personal site and are unfamiliar with internet sales, you might post your listings and wait for the orders to pour in. However, if you really want to start building your jewelry business, you need to take some action to attract the customers you need. Here are two smart ways to encourage people to buy your pieces.

Find the Right Audience

What you must do before anything else is to clearly define who you want to sell your jewelry to. Your answer might be an enthusiastic "everyone!" but the truth is that without a defined target market, it is much more difficult to build an effective marketing campaign. When you focus on a specific audience, you can then focus on a specific set of needs and wants; that target market is going to be more likely to buy your pieces because they will feel like their needs and wants are being addressed.

For example, if your pieces contain a lot of large, synthetic jewels, you might target middle-aged women who need jewelry to wear to dinner parties and on cruises. If you use a lot of silver or charms and have set your pieces at a low price point, you might target teenagers who are just starting to pay for their own jewelry. Teenagers and middle-aged women are two very different groups, so different marketing tactics would be more effective for your business.

Get Video Testimonials

A great way for you to encourage people to buy your jewelry is to get video testimonials from real people who have already bought your pieces. Video testimonials can do a number of things for your business. First, they allow prospective customers to get a closer look at particular jewelry pieces and get an idea of how they look when they're being worn. Secondly, real people testimonials convince people that your products are liked by their peers, which can encourage them to make a purchase. Lastly, if you put your video testimonials on both your site and video sharing sites, you are likely to attract more prospective customers if you use relevant hashtags. Someone who likes bracelets might not know about your site, but if they are on a video sharing site, they could stumble across a video testimonial and be convinced to check out your site. 

With the pointers laid out above, you should be able to start attracting more people to your jewelry listings and convince them to buy your pieces. Be sure to work with media consultants and other professionals like Genuine Real People who can help you drive customers to your listings and help you get the sales you need.